Our Services

After making some fundamental changes at the ground level of our association, we came to the conclusion that we could be doing more for the community by offering additional services. This is work in development, and will be for some time. Our hope is that as we offer new services to the community, businesses and consumers alike, that we will receive enough feedback to guide us to our future directions.

At this point, we do offer services that may be beneficial. Beyond what we describe here, we simply ask that you contact us if you would like more detailed information or if you want to arrange to take advantage of anything we have to offer.


At this point we offer more additional services for the consumer, as this has been a goal of ours for a long time. Currently, we provide the following on a semi-regular basis:

Living Well Seminar (monthly – dates and times TBA)

The living well seminar is 75 minutes in duration with 45 minutes at the end for questions and discussion (you are free to leave at any time). Topics change every seminar, but in the past have included ‘Healthy Eating on a Budget’, ‘Time Management Strategies’, ‘Quick Workouts at Home’, and ‘Health and Wellness for Older Individuals’.

Group Runs

Thanks to Tom, our new Recreation Specialist, we are now introducing a weekly group run. Anyone is welcome to join, it’s free, and you can run at your own pace. In a nutshell, we meet every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm in front of the Town Hall. We will map out the selected route for the day and run off the mid-week blues! There is a nice cafe nearby for tea and coffee at 8:30pm.

Social Rest and Relaxation

In this weekly get-together, we invite any member of the community to join us at the Whitechurch Association building two blocks down from Town Hall for discussion and light snacks and beverages. We then participate in a stretching and relaxation session that lasts for a total of an hour. The goal of this session is to teach self relaxation and stretching techniques that will allow you to feel refreshed at work and home. Dates and times TBA!

COMING SOON – YOGA! (Check back for updates)


We currently only offer one additional programmed service for businesses, but more are on the way! Please check back for updates.

Community Marketing Strategies

This is a quarterly meeting on the first Monday of February, May, August, and November. Here we discuss effective strategies to reach out to the community in order to gain a better sense of their preferences from a consumer perspective. We also discuss ways to implement health and wellness into a business model that previously lacked that characteristic. These meetings are open to all companies, but are most effective for small businesses looking to refine their approach to sales and marketing, particularly in relation to living well.