Environmentally Friendly Things To Do This Summer

Going eco-friendly this summer with your snorkel and fins, walking the beach with your water shoes is not that hard to do. Meaning, time without work, and to spend on the seaside, with the kids, away on vacation.

You can have outdoor BBQs, ballgames, trips to the neighborhood zoo, and a whole lot extra to squeeze in. As the warm weather is fully here, you have time to decide what sort of clothing to wear on the hot days.

Stepping Light

Finding local activities that have low environmental impact like a trek to the local park or woods and you can go to the beach and relax with friends. You can pick up a new book you’ve been wanting to read and start reading page by page. The latest of the Harry Potter sagas will keep you busy and at the same time remaining low on footprint.

Keep the Use of Aircon Low

Although you will definitely need the aircon during summer, you can avoid overuse by turning the thermostat a few degrees. Not only will this save you a few dollars, it will also make the earth a little bit cooler.

Up the Grill

If you love to eat barbecue, propane burns cleaner than wood or charcoal combined. Not only will this prevent the cutting of trees, using propane also lessens the carbon footprint. When you’re done using the grill, you can clean it with natural cleaning products. It has been shown that the grime removed from the cleaning product actually leaves behind chemicals that can damage the environment.

Increase the Use of Solar Panels

Using solar panels to power your home is a good way to be eco-friendly. This is renewable power source that doesn’t have any carbon footprint. While you can’t rely on it for heavy loads, it can definitely make a lot of difference. Besides, isn’t reduction of electrical load part of being eco-friendly? Maybe you can add to it the use of LED lamps too, because this uses lesser power.

By Locally Produced Food

If you buy food locally, you are helping local organic farmers to make a business. On top of that, you are also ensuring that the food you eat is fresh. There has been a movement lately about eating close to the source of your food. This means buying from local meat shops, and local farmers. This reduces the use of fossil fuel in transporting your food and levels of pollution compared to buying your food from the supermarket.

Using reusable plates and utensils reduces garbage like plastic and Styrofoam. If you must use disposable materials, make sure to use the varieties that decomposes faster.

These are some of the eco-friendly things that you can do this summer. There are more than one way to help the environment and a little creativity will go a long way. If you have your own ideas, kindly share them at the comment section below.