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How to Create a Retaining Wall For Your Garden

The main source of life in your backyard after the sun is the soil.  This is the one that provides the nutrients for plants to grow tall and strong.  Therefore, it is important to protect it and keep the rain from washing it away.  Retaining walls are built to protect your garden soil from eroding.

Before creating a retaining wall for your garden and how important it is, you should know the basics of what this construction is about.

What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is built over an excavation or to make a soil bank.  It provides support to the soil, preventing it from eroding or collapsing altogether.   They can be erected to fill earth or to give strong support to terraced gardens.

A retaining wall can be built out of many materials. You can build one of concrete, concrete blocks, timber logs, stones, or bricks.  The choice will probably be more esthetical than practical.  A retaining wall provides a nice look to a backyard.

If you are planning on building your own wall, consider some esthetical aspects before building.  Make sure you gather all the materials that you need, and that you get a professional finish.  More on this below.

The Importance of a Retaining Wall

It is easy now to see the importance of retaining walls.  These actually provide effective support to the entire structure of your garden.  They are usually thought of utilitarian structures that keep your garden from falling apart.

However, since you already are in the building of the wall, you can create it in such a way that it provides a nice outdoor sight.

How to Make One

The following are the materials that you will need to build a retaining wall:

  • Shovel
  • Landscaping stones and fabric
  • Level
  • Tape Measure
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Gravel
  • Work gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Soil Tamper

Step 1

Plan the design and basically establish the outline of your wall using wooden sticks and string.  You can then use paint to make the outline.  Get yourself your load of stones before getting started so that you know that you have enough.

Step 2

Start digging on the line that you made on the floor.  This trench should be a little wider than the largest rock.  This whole can be around 6 inches deep.  Make sure the bottom of the trench is perfectly layered.  Drop in the sand and stone dust.  Level this sand by tamping down the bottom of the trench.

Step 3

Throw in the stones and make sure this layer ends  up as straight as possible.  If it requires adjustment, use a hammer.

Step 4

For the first course of bricks, break one in half and try to interlock it with the first rock on this course.  For the next layer, you start with a full brick since you want the edges to offset.

Step 5

Before laying the second course, use a level to verify that your construction is upright and leveled.  If it is not, make sure you make the necessary adjustments.

Step 6

Lay the second course of stones interlocking them with the first set of stones.

Step 7

Fill in the trench with the dirt you excavated to provide a firm foundation.

Step 8

Continue placing stones in layer and interlocking them with the top row.

Step 9

When you are done piling up the stones and have the desired height, lay landscaping fabric on the back of the wall.

A Professional Look

Once you have built your retainin wall, it is important that you give it a professional look.  Hire someone to take a look at what you have done and make some adjustments.

We recommend centuria landscapes, who specialize in landscape design in Vancouver.  We are pretty sure you will be delighted as well.

Horseshoes – A Great Way to be Active and Socialize!

It really is!  The great thing about them is that they are easy to play and makes you socialize.  When it comes to elders, it has the added benefit of not being strenuous yet a lot of fun.  You can find a good set of rubber horseshoes or you can go hardcore and get some made of steel.

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What is Horseshoes about?

The idea behind using horseshoe to socialize is rather simple.  You can establish your own rules where you stick a stake in the ground and people take turns throwing a horseshoe inside the stake.  Whoever makes more hits, wins.  Simple, right?

Now, if you want to take it to the next level, you might be interested in horseshoe pitching.  The rules of the game vary depending on the area.  Sometimes rules even vary among pubs.  But these are the general ones:

The horseshoe pitch is a six-feet square marked on the ground.  Each pitch contains a smaller rectangle;  approximately three time six feet.  This smaller square is referred to as the pit.  This pit is usually filled with sand and is oriented so that its longest side runs along with the longest side of the pitch.

In the middle of the pit, a metal stake is placed, with 15 inches coming out of the ground.  The area of the pitch that is not the pit is on the left and right.  This is where players are allowed to stand to make a throw.  Both feet must remain behind the pit line whenever making a throw.

After a coin is tossed, the first player throws two horseshoes to one stake, one after the other.  The second player does the same thing.

Any horseshoe that completely surrounds the stake is known as a “ringer” and is worth three points unless it is canceled by another player.  Now, there are some specific rules for how to decide if a ringer is actually valid or if another player has genuinely canceled it.

Since those rules are beyond the scope of this article, we will not stop to discuss them.

Benefits of Horseshoe for Elders

Let us now talk about how elder are benefited with this social game.

  • This is a social game, which allows elders to interact with each other.  This has a great impact on the feeling of loneliness they usually get.
  • Takes away boredom.  There are too many elders out there that, since they no longer perform a job, feel bored all the time.  No TV show or Internet entertainment will make it go away.
  • Promotes healthy exercising.  The game, without being physically demanding does require certain muscle and bone expenditure.  This provides a moderate amount of exercise to keep those muscles active.
  • The game helps keep cognitive functions on check.  The game requires some reasoning, mostly when it comes to counting the number of points made.
  • Exposes elders to situations where they might have to rely on each other.
  • Emotionally, it helps elders to keep their judgment sharp.  During the game, there will be episodes of frustration and even fear.  These are part of horseshoe just like in any other game.  This can be good also for the cognitive area and even the emotional area.

A Great Learning Tool

If teams are allowed to pair up, elders can enjoy been on a team.  Just like the old days when they had to give themselves down for a team, they will probably enjoy that.  Elders who play strategy games more often are less likely to have memory problemsi in the futur.  So, let´s get those stakes and horeshoes and let the action begin!

How to Take Better Care of your Teeth

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You know what they say, it does not matter how you are brushing your teeth, the dentist will always say that you are doing it wrong.  But then, of course, you should listen to your dentist when it comes to taking better care of your teeth.

The truth is that we probably are not taking proper care of our teeth.  This not only has to do with hygiene but also with the things that we put between our teeth for them to grind.   Dr. Ji, who operates a dental practice in Canada, warns people that poor practices in taking care of teeth lead to early tooth loss as well as other teeth conditions.

Consequences of Poor Dental Hygiene

When you are not having a proper mouth hygiene, you can bring about a series of consequences to your teeth.  These are some of the most common:

  • As long as you have natural teeth, cavities or tooth decay will always be a potential issue.  Teeth are designed to last your entire life, so having proper brushing techniques should keep it that way, even when you are old.
  • Gum diseases include infections that affect how the tooth attaches to the gum.   If you leave tartar unattended, these might affect your gum.  They become red and swollen, a condition known as gingivitis.
  • Dry mouth is not directly related to teeth but it is also a consequence of bad cleaning practices.

How to Take Better Care of your Teeth

These are the best tips for you to take better care of your teeth:

  • Brush at least twice a day and spend 2 minutes brushing.  This will allow you to go around most areas of your teeth without missing a part.
  • Floss at least once a day to eliminate those residues of food between the teeth that the toothbrush cannot reach.  If you do not floss, food and plaque will accumulate in the spaces between the teeth.  You should usually use 30 cm of floss.
  • Using toothpaste with fluoride strengthen your enamel and makes you less likely to get cavities.  Use a toothpaste that has more than 1,000 ppm of fluoride.
  • Use mouthwash with fluoride in it so that it reaches all the areas of your teeth.  Use it after brushing and flossing.  Do not swallow the mouthwash as it might upset your stomach.
  • Brush or scrape your tongue.  Food can get trapped in your tongue and then the bacteria that forms there is transferred to your teeth.  Some toothbrushes come with a rubbery end that you can use for that purpose.

You should also be mindful of the types of food that you eat.  Avoid foods with too much sugar in it.  Also, try to avoid sticky foods such as candies taffy, granola bars, dried fruits.  Reduce the amount of alcohol you are consuming and don’t smoke.

How to Know if you Should See a Chiropractor

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Life being so hectic, it sometimes takes its toll on our back.  All the pressure and tough situations seem to land there.  Even mental issues can sometimes make our backs take a share.  More than fifteen muscles take action on the back and allow you to move your arms, legs, to twist, and lift up things.  In fact, many activities involve muscles located in the back.

It is no surprise then that we constantly suffer back pain.  Most of the time, we seem to overlook these conditions and take no action about it.  Not only this, but we seem to dismiss the fact that back pain can be avoided altogether.  Dr. Christian Guenette, a chiropractor in Vancouver, says that prevention is the key to not suffering back pain or any of its consequences.

However, he warns, leaving recurrent back pains unattended can lead to more serious conditons.  This is why, if you are suffering constant back pains, you should visit a chiropractor as soon as possible.

Warning Signs of a Back Pain

Our bodies are smart and they always seek to be in a normal state of health.  It is like a balance where peace in the body is being kept.  Whenever a foreigner enters, it will try to destroy it to restore this balance.  Our body warns us whenever it is necessary for us to take action.

When we suffer back pains, this is our body telling us that there is something going on and that it needs help restoring the balance that has been broken.  But what is this message?

Back pain can vary from person to person or it can be mild or acute.  Whenever any of these signs start to take place, you should see a chiropractor before it gets worse.

  • Symptoms are not improving.  If your pain is not improving after 72 hours, you should get help.
  • Sciatica.  When the back pain extends down the legs, it could be a herniated disc pressing on the sciatic nerve.  Remember that chiropractic care focuses on the nervous system, namely the spine.
  • Other diseases. There are many other diseases, such as cancer, that can be indicated by a back pain.  This is why getting professional help is important.

Visiting a Chiropractor

Pain is a condition of the mind and neurotransmitters.  If you are able to keep those two in check, then you can reach your maximum potential.  It is in this condition that you can enjoy a full life.

A chiropractor will apply his knowledge of the nervous system and the spine to align your spine in such a way that your body gets the normalcy it is craving for.  This reduces the stress associated with back pain.

There is really no better way to get around this condition.  Only chiropractic care can focus on the nervous system through a different and effective approach.

Your body needs and wants to be in a healthy balance.  A visit to the chiropractor can help you establish this physical harmony with your body and prevent any back pain or pain altogether.  Make your appointment today and try it for yourself.

Environmentally Friendly Things To Do This Summer

Going eco-friendly this summer with your snorkel and fins, walking the beach with your water shoes is not that hard to do. Meaning, time without work, and to spend on the seaside, with the kids, away on vacation.

You can have outdoor BBQs, ballgames, trips to the neighborhood zoo, and a whole lot extra to squeeze in. As the warm weather is fully here, you have time to decide what sort of clothing to wear on the hot days.

Stepping Light

Finding local activities that have low environmental impact like a trek to the local park or woods and you can go to the beach and relax with friends. You can pick up a new book you’ve been wanting to read and start reading page by page. The latest of the Harry Potter sagas will keep you busy and at the same time remaining low on footprint.

Keep the Use of Aircon Low

Although you will definitely need the aircon during summer, you can avoid overuse by turning the thermostat a few degrees. Not only will this save you a few dollars, it will also make the earth a little bit cooler.

Up the Grill

If you love to eat barbecue, propane burns cleaner than wood or charcoal combined. Not only will this prevent the cutting of trees, using propane also lessens the carbon footprint. When you’re done using the grill, you can clean it with natural cleaning products. It has been shown that the grime removed from the cleaning product actually leaves behind chemicals that can damage the environment.

Increase the Use of Solar Panels

Using solar panels to power your home is a good way to be eco-friendly. This is renewable power source that doesn’t have any carbon footprint. While you can’t rely on it for heavy loads, it can definitely make a lot of difference. Besides, isn’t reduction of electrical load part of being eco-friendly? Maybe you can add to it the use of LED lamps too, because this uses lesser power.

By Locally Produced Food

If you buy food locally, you are helping local organic farmers to make a business. On top of that, you are also ensuring that the food you eat is fresh. There has been a movement lately about eating close to the source of your food. This means buying from local meat shops, and local farmers. This reduces the use of fossil fuel in transporting your food and levels of pollution compared to buying your food from the supermarket.

Using reusable plates and utensils reduces garbage like plastic and Styrofoam. If you must use disposable materials, make sure to use the varieties that decomposes faster.

These are some of the eco-friendly things that you can do this summer. There are more than one way to help the environment and a little creativity will go a long way. If you have your own ideas, kindly share them at the comment section below.

It’s Wellbeing month! Here are some things you can do around the town of White Church to stay fit and healthy

It’s well-being month soon. You know what that means. That’s right an extra reason to renumber that new year’s resolution you’ve probably forgotten by now. Staying fit and healthy is a challenge for a lot of us. At times, it’s difficult just finding the motivation to get up for that morning run you know you should be doing. This month is all about helping people reach their fitness goals. It might be losing weight, eating healthier or eliminating bad habits that could cost you later in life. Whatever your goals we’ve written up some helpful tips to make this month go as good and healthy as possible.

Hiring a personal trainer

It might seem extreme but if you’re serious about getting into shape and can’t seem to find the motivation then a personal trainer could be the best health choice you ever make. A personal trainer can build a workout schedule and dieting plan to suit you specifically plus provide the accountability to get in shape.

Make exercise part of your everyday life

Staying healthy is simply a matter of developing a habit. If a gym or personal trainer is out of your budget then that’s no excuse. Go for a short run around your area or in the countryside, maybe take up swimming or cycling. The great thing about this is that you can find something to suit whatever you’re interested in. Be creative and look for an activity that only requires a half hour or even 10 minutes of your time each day.

Write down a detailed description of what being healthy can do for you

If motivation is your problem then sit down with a piece of paper and make a detailed list of the benefits a more healthy lifestyle would bring you. A big mistake many people make is basing their fitness goals on what others are doing. Something like staying healthy is a personal journey and should be done only for yourself. Make it clear why you want to be healthy and use that as motivation to get up and move when you know you should.


Get plenty of sleep

How well we sleep has a huge effect on the amount of energy we have in a day. Sleeping too much is just as bad as sleeping too little. Most experts recommend at least 7 hours of sleep a night for a grown adult. Without adequate rest, our bodies can’t respond well to either physical or mental stimulus. A good nights sleep also helps our body’s immune system and allows any exercised muscles to properly recover. If you’re suffering a lot of muscle pains from over exercising then consider adding a weekly massage to your weekly routine. A relaxing massage helps stimulate the flow of blood through the body leading to fast muscle recovery and a better night’s sleep.

Also, no matter how you do things this month just remember to have fun as well. Health a and fitness are important but there’s no need to take things too far, unless you want to of course.