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You don’t have to be an athlete to use a massage therapist – Here’s why:

To those massage enthusiasts out there, here’s a good news that you will certainly love: you can enjoy and reap optimal benefits from those massages, even if you are not living an equally active life as an athlete. So next time someone tells you that you are getting massages more than you deserve, ditch them and arm yourself with these helpful information the ordinary people like most of us. Let’s start with getting it straight that massage therapy is more than just for relaxation.

Pain Relief – More often than not, a regular massage therapy with special focus on problem areas is a safer and more effective ways to address body pains from various causes. It is however important to go to a trusted and massage clinic that offers more than relaxation massages, but more of recovery massage to handle the pain. This way, you are assured that the pain will be treated with utmost care, with the right massage science behind it.

Headaches – headaches are one of the most common reasons for employee absences at work. Unfortunately, many of these cases recur simply because they are not being holistically treated. Sure, a dose of your favorite aspirin can give instant relief, but what happens once the medicine effect wear off? A lot of people swear by getting massages at least every month and have lived headache-free since then. Simply tell your massage therapist that you are suffering from recurring headache, and an experienced one will certainly know the spots to target.

Muscle soreness – whether we get it from exercising or other new and tedious activity, experiencing muscle soreness the following day is just a huge struggle. However, if you are someone who has been getting massage therapies regularly, then chances are you will not be experiencing these soreness—or at least not as severe as those who did not have any massage in a long time.

Boost immune system – Compliment your regular dose of Vitamin C with a trip to the nearest massage clinic. Massage therapies has been known to boost the immune system by significantly lowering the stresses and tensions in the body, which have been known to make a person more vulnerable to illnesses. If you’re one of those who easily catches a flu, then it’s perhaps time to try massage therapy for your overall well-being.

Stroke recovery- this is another reason to stop looking at massage therapy as exclusive to athletes or active individuals. Thousands of stroke patients have actually greatly benefited from a good massage and physical therapy, getting back their usual body functions. It is crucial to get a massage therapists who licensed and experience to deal with these cases to ensure full and safe recovery.

Feeling lethargic today? Go ahead and give yourself a good massage therapy coupled with rest, and get ready to feel more ready and active to face another day.

Fit & Fab at 60’s – Hire a Personal Trainer

Age is just a number. Fitness is for everyone – old and young

We often hear old people say “I’m too old for that”, “it’s my joints, its aching”, “I am having a senior moment” and the list go on. But what does it really means when a person age, is it about physical and mental deterioration. Don’t you think these are just stereotyping?

These stereotypes about getting old put a person in a negative situation. Without realizing it, your outlook in life narrows, expectations and opportunities decrease and then you limit yourself from the activities that makes you happy, consequently this will affect not only your physical health, but your overall well-being

Wear and Tear
Admittedly, ageing is inevitable, we grow older every year. But keep in mind that age is just a number. What you do about it is what matters. Physical problems like muscle and joint pain, heart problems, hypertension, dementia, bowel difficulties, bone weakness, diminishing senses and other ailments connected to degenerative diseases caused by ageing can be minimized with a healthy lifestyle and an optimistic mindset.
Getting old is not a terrible thing. It is a liberating time of life and a new adventure to pursue, all you have to do is manage or prevent the wear and tears of old age. There are numerous ways to do this. Know what to do and seek the right people who can assist you like to have a thrive personal training.

Fighting Decay
Some people who age gracefully often say that “ageing is all in the mind”. This is so true. When a person views growing old negatively, he begins to decrease his level of activity leading to a sedentary lifestyle. The muscle groups that were used before start to hypotrophy causing weakness and pain, vital organs deteriorate – the ones active and lively young man becomes an old sickly and maybe grumpy.
But don’t fret, here are some ways to prevent decay – ie: old age predicaments

● Drink Water
Water is indeed an elixir from the fountain of youth. It is a fuel that revitalizes the body and helps makes every organ function satisfactory. It hydrates the body, making you active and moisturizes the skin, giving you a youthful glow.

● Balanced Diet

Consuming a balanced diet is essential for proper bodily function as well as prevention of diseases and cell degeneration. A healthy meal should consist of fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals, lean meat and other protein sources, good fat and carbohydrates for energy. And as much as possible, avoid sweets, preservatives and high fat and sodium. A professional thrive personal trainer will be able to assist with such a healthy diet.

Regular check up is a must!
  • Regular Check Up

You do not just go to the doctor if you are sick, a regular check is a must, not only for ageing people, but for everyone. Catching an illness early is on, gives better chances of treating it. Besides, prevention is better than cure. So visit your doctor regularly and have those work ups done.

● Avoid Stress
Stress does not only make you old, in fact, it is one of the major killers in the world. It speeds up the ageing process. Find things that make you happy, develop interpersonal relationship, find exercises for relaxation and minimize negative emotions such as anger, guilt, worry and the like. These emotions are known to decrease immunity and causes not only physical diseases, but emotional and mental illnesses as well.

● Proper Set of Exercise
Regular exercises are very essential for the well-being of all ages, although keep in mind that not all programs are rightfully for your body. A mixture of physical activities should be appropriate for your body type and needs. Thus, it is essential to hire a professional and experienced personal trainer.

A Personal Trainer’s Help
Having a healthy body is not a struggle nor an extraordinary feat if you have a guidance of a personal trainer. He or she will help you understand your body more, assist you with your health needs and teach you what are the best activities tailored to your body’s needs. In addition, a fitness expert will also assist you in developing a healthy eating habit, and gradually introduced a diet suited for your body type and age. They will set a menu that will cater to your caloric needs. In this way you won’t feel deprived or stress about achieving a healthy lifestyle. And finally, one of the most important things a personal trainer can do for you is to encourage you to live your life at the fullest by having a healthy, strong and youthful physique.
Do not limit yourself because of ageing, instead, now is the time for you to enjoy life at the most, do all the things that you wanted to do – things that you do not have time or the courage to do during your prime years. This is because we are born to thrive the best way we can.

Improving Health With Dog Ownership

There’s no doubt, staying fit and healthy in the world of fast-food chains, processed foods and sedentary living is a struggle. Today, most people find more excuses not to do it and are less motivated to exercise. If you are one of the majority who feels this way, there’s something you can do to stay fit and be excited about it. This is also a great way to keep your motivation up without putting in too much effort. Can you guess what it is?

The best way to improve your health without feeling burdened about it is to get a dog. When the only exercise you enjoy is playing golf around town, here’s another thing to consider. Having a pet can greatly impact your mood and your health. There are a lot of great things that you can have with these little fellows around. Here are a few things to help you make a decision.

  • Pets are great stress relievers. When you come home from a long, tiring day, try petting your cat or dog for a few minutes and feel your senses relax. It lowers your blood pressure, releases Endorphins and get rid of those stress hormones. Having a precious buddy to come home to will definitely make you feel more excited to come home and enjoy the rest of the day.
  • Pets are great reasons to keep you active. To stay healthy and to maximize their optimum health, pets need exercise. They need to be walked regularly to make sure they keep their mood and their physical condition at its best state. And of course, they need your active participation to have those dog walks in the park or around the city. This can also help you manage your weight and gain more control on your gains.
  • Pets are great for children. When your kids grow up with a pet in the home, their nurturing instincts are developed. Also, kids who are exposed to dogs at an early age are less likely to develop allergies and asthma. It gives them a better protection against those harmful allergens.
  • Pets are great for your social life. Even the busiest people need interaction and socialization every once in a while. Having pets will make this easier for you wherever you go. They can make great conversation starters for those who are pet lovers too. It’s amazing how you can connect with others because of your pet.
  • Pets help regulate your blood pressure. This is made possible by the stress-relieving capability of your pets. Dog walking can also help you control those cholesterol and triglyceride levels. With these, you will definitely have a healthy heart.

Having a pet gives you a lot of health benefits. It can also make your home happier and livelier. If you want to take your dog for a stroll or have someone do it for you when you’re working on a tight schedule, there are a lot of dog walking Toronto companies that can help. But it pays a great deal to have a regular playtime and walking schedule with them too!

Great Places to Golf in White Church

As you already know, here at White Church we are all about health and wellness.  Anything that is capable of bringing you to a state where a healthy lifestyle can be achieved is a great means to this end.  Not only is the economy determinant of your wellness, but also the physical and practical activities you practice on your daily life.  If you perform those activities that harm your body and seldom practice those that will bring you benefits, then you are up for a rather rough life.


This is why it is highly recommended for you to practice golf.  There are many great places to golf in White Church.  This is a great sport that you can practice pretty much anytime with pretty much anyone.  It is all about the fun, the relaxation, and spending a great time enjoying the lovely weather.  We have put together a list of the best placesto play golf here in White Church.

Chapel Golf Course

You might think this course is administered by some Catholic priests, given the name.  But it is actually administered by this war veteran who wanted to build a place that would provide  him with rest and relaxation as opposed to the hectic life he had when he served.  The place has 16 putt holes and is beautifully permeated with a pristine green blanket of grass.  The atmosphere is beautifully decorated with migrating birds that pass by the course every year.

 Green Ear Golf Club

You need a subscription to be able to play in this golf course. It is actually one of the largest golf courses in town.  With three beautiful natural lakes, this course offers a long period of entertainment for a well-deserved break.  Visit this large course and plan to stay all day.

Terrain de Jeux Golf Course

This awesome golf course also requires you to become a member.  The good thing is that the subscription is not really that high.  At least, not if you consider the majestic line of trees, the chirping birds, and the soft breeze that brings about the aroma of spring flowers.  The course includes a pretty complete store of golf appliances.  Many major tournaments have taken place at Terrain de Jeux (French for “playground”!).

Lafayette Golf Club

Founded by the Irish John Lafayette, this golf course is suited for those who have a rather larger experience with golfing.  With pretty tight turns, numerous amounts of traps, and lots of trees, you are in for a challenging golf treat.

Exercise for Relaxation

Exercise for Relaxation

Feeling Stressed?

In our fast-paced world of today, it is extremely common to feel physically and mentally stressed. Whether you are a student battling through exams, a young professional trying to work your way up the ladder, or a parent trying to support your family, stress is a constant.

One of the most underrated remedies for stress is exercise. A lot of people think this is a myth, but in fact, it has been quantitatively proven with hard science. For example, it has been shown that aerobic exercise actually reduces circulating levels of stress hormones (e.g. adrenalin and cortisol).

Simultaneously, aerobic exercise can also increase some stress-relieving hormones, such as endorphins. You may have heard of endorphins before. These are neurochemicals that are naturally released when you are happy and relaxed, and exercise promotes the release of these hormones, ultimately increasing happiness and reducing stress.

How is Exercise Relaxing?

Well, it’s not really. Especially if you are just starting out or have taken a lot of time off any sort of workouts recently. Even when you are in a routine, the fact that it can be physically demanding is not everyone’s idea of relaxing. However, please keep in mind it’s not just the exercise itself that may be relaxing, it is the after-effects of the exercise that are beneficial.

Indirect Stress Reduction by Exercise

In addition to the biochemical effects that are a direct result of exercise, there are also many indirect benefits that some people actually find the most important. For example, people often report that a greater sense of relaxation can often lead to clear mind. I personally agree with this, and I actually find it helps me be more productive (and happy) at work.

Similarly, it is well known that exercise can improve your physical appearance. Although we definitely prioritize health outcomes, a better appearance can help boost your confidence. Many people don’t realize they have all the existing tools to succeed at their life goals until they develop the confidence to “go for it”. Whether it’s the confidence to make another positive lifestyle change, request a raise in salary, attempt a new technique at work, or become more socially active, confidence can really facilitate health and wellness.

What About Resistance Training?

We have talked a lot about how aerobic exercise promotes stress reduction, but what about lifting weights? Resistance training is definitely good for you and can for sure help reduce levels of stress, just not always to the same extent as aerobic training (e.g. running or cycling).

That being said, you can structure your resistance training in a manner that naturally combines aerobic training. Usually this is accomplished with multi-joint exercises, circuit training, incorporating some sort of aerobic activity, or simply performing more repetitions at a lower weight.


Simply put, exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. This has been proven scientifically, but is often overlooked. If you find yourself feeling stressed, want to make a lifestyle change that benefits your health, and perhaps even trim down a little bit, then we strongly encourage you to consider adding exercise to your daily or weekly routine. Even a little bit can go a long way!