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March 2017

Fit & Fab at 60’s – Hire a Personal Trainer

Age is just a number. Fitness is for everyone – old and young

We often hear old people say “I’m too old for that”, “it’s my joints, its aching”, “I am having a senior moment” and the list go on. But what does it really means when a person age, is it about physical and mental deterioration. Don’t you think these are just stereotyping?

These stereotypes about getting old put a person in a negative situation. Without realizing it, your outlook in life narrows, expectations and opportunities decrease and then you limit yourself from the activities that makes you happy, consequently this will affect not only your physical health, but your overall well-being

Wear and Tear
Admittedly, ageing is inevitable, we grow older every year. But keep in mind that age is just a number. What you do about it is what matters. Physical problems like muscle and joint pain, heart problems, hypertension, dementia, bowel difficulties, bone weakness, diminishing senses and other ailments connected to degenerative diseases caused by ageing can be minimized with a healthy lifestyle and an optimistic mindset.
Getting old is not a terrible thing. It is a liberating time of life and a new adventure to pursue, all you have to do is manage or prevent the wear and tears of old age. There are numerous ways to do this. Know what to do and seek the right people who can assist you like to have a thrive personal training.

Fighting Decay
Some people who age gracefully often say that “ageing is all in the mind”. This is so true. When a person views growing old negatively, he begins to decrease his level of activity leading to a sedentary lifestyle. The muscle groups that were used before start to hypotrophy causing weakness and pain, vital organs deteriorate – the ones active and lively young man becomes an old sickly and maybe grumpy.
But don’t fret, here are some ways to prevent decay – ie: old age predicaments

● Drink Water
Water is indeed an elixir from the fountain of youth. It is a fuel that revitalizes the body and helps makes every organ function satisfactory. It hydrates the body, making you active and moisturizes the skin, giving you a youthful glow.

● Balanced Diet

Consuming a balanced diet is essential for proper bodily function as well as prevention of diseases and cell degeneration. A healthy meal should consist of fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals, lean meat and other protein sources, good fat and carbohydrates for energy. And as much as possible, avoid sweets, preservatives and high fat and sodium. A professional thrive personal trainer will be able to assist with such a healthy diet.

Regular check up is a must!
  • Regular Check Up

You do not just go to the doctor if you are sick, a regular check is a must, not only for ageing people, but for everyone. Catching an illness early is on, gives better chances of treating it. Besides, prevention is better than cure. So visit your doctor regularly and have those work ups done.

● Avoid Stress
Stress does not only make you old, in fact, it is one of the major killers in the world. It speeds up the ageing process. Find things that make you happy, develop interpersonal relationship, find exercises for relaxation and minimize negative emotions such as anger, guilt, worry and the like. These emotions are known to decrease immunity and causes not only physical diseases, but emotional and mental illnesses as well.

● Proper Set of Exercise
Regular exercises are very essential for the well-being of all ages, although keep in mind that not all programs are rightfully for your body. A mixture of physical activities should be appropriate for your body type and needs. Thus, it is essential to hire a professional and experienced personal trainer.

A Personal Trainer’s Help
Having a healthy body is not a struggle nor an extraordinary feat if you have a guidance of a personal trainer. He or she will help you understand your body more, assist you with your health needs and teach you what are the best activities tailored to your body’s needs. In addition, a fitness expert will also assist you in developing a healthy eating habit, and gradually introduced a diet suited for your body type and age. They will set a menu that will cater to your caloric needs. In this way you won’t feel deprived or stress about achieving a healthy lifestyle. And finally, one of the most important things a personal trainer can do for you is to encourage you to live your life at the fullest by having a healthy, strong and youthful physique.
Do not limit yourself because of ageing, instead, now is the time for you to enjoy life at the most, do all the things that you wanted to do – things that you do not have time or the courage to do during your prime years. This is because we are born to thrive the best way we can.